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Guinea Pigs



Guinea Pigs:

How Often Should You Trim Guinea Pig Nails?

Aim to clip your guinea pig’s nails at least once a month, although you can do it more often if necessary. As the nails get longer, the blood vessel called the “quick” gets longer too and the nails will start to curl. Regular nail clipping helps keep the nails in good shape for walking and the quick at an appropriate length for trimming.


Brushing Your Guinea Pig

Regular brushing will help keep your guinea pigs coat in good condition.


Use a small, stiff brush and a small metal comb and brush in the direction your guinea pig’s hair is going. While brushing and combing your guinea pig, you should also check for problems such as lice or sores on the skin. The need for brushing depends on how long your guinea pig’s hair is and whether your guinea pig is shedding excessively.


Long-haired guinea pig breeds should have any mats combed out every day. If you have a hard time managing the long coat, the hair can also be trimmed to more easily manage it. Simply trim the longer hair so it’s not dragging on the ground using hair scissors or see a groomer for advice.


Short-haired guinea pigs need only be brushed about once a week but if they are shedding and losing more hair than usual, brush them at least every other day.


Bathing Your Guinea Pig

Bathing is quite stressful for guinea pigs but thankfully there are only a few reasons why your guinea pig would ever need to get a bath. Unless your guinea pig gets lice, urine or feces on it’s fur, or is about to be in a show or other competition, you’ll probably never have to bathe it if you brush it regularly.