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Package Estimates

No two pets are the same. A standard poodle that gets shaved down isn’t going to take as long as a poodle who gets a fancy clip. A dog who is on a regular grooming schedule gets groomed every 4-6 weeks and is well accustomed to being groomed isn’t going to take as long as a dog who is not well accustomed to being groomed. When discussing price of the groom, the breed, amount of scissor work needed, coat condition, and temperament are all taken into consideration. All prices are an estimate, groomer will decide final price upon examining pets coat and temperament to see if additional handling or de-matting charges need to be applied.

Flea & Tick Prevention Service

  • Dogs: k9 AdvantixII: 0-50lbs.: $26.00   50+lbs.: $32.00
  • Cats: Frontline Plus for Cats: 8 weeks and older: $ 20.00
  1. A’ la Carte Services – $50.00 minimum for all ONSITE appointments. All prices are only estimates.



Grooming Packages

Full Groom Bath & Brush
Small Dog
< 25 Lbs
$85 $60
Medium Dog
25 – 50 Lbs.
$100 $80
Large Dog
51 – 90 Lbs.
$135 $115
XL Dog
> 91 Lbs.
$150 $130
Cat $125 $100


 Shed-Less Treatments

Small Dog
< 25 Lbs.
Medium Dog
25-50 Lbs.
Large Dog
51-90 Lbs.
XL Dog
> 90 Lbs.
Cat $15.00


  A’la Carte Services

Dog Nail trim/file $20.00
Soft Paw Cat Nail Cap Application $25.00
Ear cleaning/ ear hair plucking $15-$25
Teeth brushing $10.00
Flea and tick prevention application $20-$35
Anal gland expression $25.00
Sanitary trim-cats $25.00
Nails and feet hair trimmed $20.00
Eye Trim $15.00
Nail Pawlish $10.00
Special Handling $10-$20
Brush out / de matting (within reason) $15-$35
Moisturizing paw pad treatment $5.00